Chemical companies —  start-ups to commercial-stage — struggle with challenges ranging from securing global IP protection to obtaining regulatory approvals. McGurk Group Attorneys help you develop legal strategies that guide, shape, monetize, and protect your innovations. We work on matters related to both inorganic and organic chemistry, and on applications ranging from bench top to industrial-scale manufacturing. 

Chemistry IP Services

We are aware of the high level of investment required for research and development of new chemical entities, methods of synthesizing/manufacturing chemical entities, and chemical methods/processes. We have experience in both inorganic and organic chemistry, and with applications ranging from bench top to industrial-scale manufacturing. By partnering with clients we help them optimize the market potential of their innovations and protect against third party challenges. Our comprehensive intellectual property services include business strategy, licensing, due diligence, patent prosecution and procurement, legal opinions, and litigation support. McGurk Group acts for a variety of clients in the chemical field, including large international companies, SMEs and individual inventors.


Our strengths include:

  • IP strategy development
  • IP audit and landscape analysis
  •  Due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and partnering
  • Drafting and negotiating license agreements
  • U.S. & International patent filings, including drafting, filing, and prosecuting services
  • Litigation support
chemistry test tubes

Chemistry IP Technical Expertise

Our experience covers a wide range of technical subject-matter including synthetic organic chemistry, inorganic and solid-state chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, agro-chemistry, food technology, petrochemicals, graphene, metal organic frameworks (MOF’s), dyes, pigments, coatings, environmental chemistry, fuel cells, electronic chemistry, battery chemistry, catalysis, adhesives, lubricants, additives, detergent chemistry, and polymers.

Some of Our Work in Chemistry IP

Ink Technology

We handled licensing and IP matters for a partnership formed by two clients that created a novel and disruptive ink technology. The ink is easier to use, provides superior color quality, and is already disrupting a highly competitive market that is driven by slim financial margins. High color quality and competitive costs reign supreme in this market.

Clean Energy

On a regular basis, we perform FTO work for our client who considers funding opportunities for clean energy start-ups. These FTO’s traditionally are undertaken and completed in 2-4 weeks and provides both the client and the start-up with valuable information that can help evaluate whether or not funding will be provided by the client, and which identifies potential hurdles for the start-up to overcome before funding is awarded. Technologies include batteries, PV, water filtration membranes, chemical treatments, ink technologies, agriculture, green chemistry, and recycled materials.

Pharmaceuticals, Viruses and Vaccines

We handled the integration, review, and prosecution of a large IP portfolio (400 + matters) acquired by our client. In addition to assisting the client with license negotiations, we undertook the detailed review of each file/portfolio, updating and managing the docket and any outstanding due dates, the integration of each matter into the company’s then existing portfolio, and extensive coordination with foreign counsel, including consolidation of same

Dry Powder Insulin: Due diligence of a Licensing or Acquisition Deal

We represented a large Japanese company concerning the due diligence of a licensing or acquisition deal involving dry powder insulin technology (hereafter “the Technology”) of a large U.S. based company. We reviewed an extensive patent portfolio covering the Technology, including composition of matter, methods of use/treatment, delivery technology and devices. We performed a comprehensive review of each patent and their related file histories and conducted extensive prior art searches of the Technology. In addition, we met with the target’s leadership team and key personnel. We also worked with regulatory counsel to ascertain the potential path forward for FDA approval. At each stage of our project, we kept the client informed about progress and the budget.