Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Bi-Specific Antibodies, T-Cell Immunotherapy, Antihistamines, Viruses, Vaccines, Lipid-based Antihistamine Delivery Systems, Antibiotics, Large & Small [...]

Clean Energy

Solar, Wind, Photocatalysts, Hydro, Biomass, Battery & Storage, Clean Fossil Fuels, Microgrids & Meters [...]


Photocatalysts, Polymers, Ink Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Processes, Cosmetics & Fragrances, Oil & Gas, Lubricants, Water [...]

Practice Areas

Licensing & Collaboration

Licensing is a form of IP monetization and collaboration. Collaboration can mean teaming up with one or more people or organizations to develop and bring [...]

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the Collective Process of Gathering and Analyzing Sufficient Information and Data to Make an Informed Business Decision for Your Organization. The McGurk [...]

Portfolio Development & IP Monetization

The McGurk Group can help you strategically develop your IP portfolio to maximize its potential value in the market. For example, your portfolio can be [...]